Who We Are

We are a super-community of technovation
communities in Cebu and Central Visayas.

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Cebu Innovation Network

A super-community of technovation
communities in Cebu and Central Visayas.

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The logo bears a stylized CIN acronym against a heptagon.


The base is a Heptagon. Seven (7) sides to
represent Region 7 (Cebu Province) as its
core source of network, communities,
and innovations.


The stylized Cebu Innovation initials form the bulb.


The stylized Network initial form the cap.
It emphasizes that the community and network
is an essential foundation of innovation.


The logo resembles a bulb for obvious reason. It represents ideas.

The logo slightly resembles a bell because it is a call
to action to innovate or to work on & breed upon ideas.

The heptagon fits well in rounded collaterals like button pins.

There is no filament in the bulb to provide space and emphasize
that great ideas & innovations require autonomy despite being a network.
That space for innovation is open. Open to everyone or anyone.

The heptagon rests on its flat line to emphasize that the
Network’s Base is in Region 7.

A heptagon (with edge) is deliberately chosen to emphasize that
innovations are either leading edge or bleeding edge.


Collaborating Communities

Network and Communities are essential foundation of innovation.

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the communities

An organization that Brings together a community of Cebuano Animators through collaboration with Government Agencies and benchmarking to Local and International organizations to develop and nurture their full potential and capacities...

DataScience & BigData Community in Cebu is a community of professionals, educators, students and enthusiasts who worked or interested with BigData, DataScience, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Hadoop , Apache Spark and Data Visualization.

We call ourselves “datalovers” - people who wants to practice the art of Data Storytelling.

CebUxD is a non-profit volunteer-driven organization and advocates the importance of Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design to be applied in various working methodologies. The organization aims to help User Experience Designers and other design enthusiasts in and around the Cebu area to connect with each other to be able to form a community of support to those new to the industry or those looking to apply UX practices to their respective workplaces.

Internet of Things Community in Cebu is a grassroots community of tinkerers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, designers, startup founders, engineers, and professionals who love to think, play, work.

We talk about Rasbperry Pi, Arduinos, MQTT, Bluetooth technology and current trends in the IoT field.

CDNUG (Cebu Dot Net User Group) is an online community of .net users from Cebu and its nearby provinces for IT students, developers & tech-lovers.

The sole mission of CDNUG is to spread technical knowledge and leverage knowledge sharing amongst peers through various events & regular meet-ups.

PizzaPy is a volunteer-run group of of Cebu Pythonistas: developers, testers, or individuals into the use of the Python programming language. We welcome any enthusiast regardless of race, gender and even skill level.

As a community, our main focus is on sharing knowledge. We share solutions and discuss problems.

Machine Learning

A loose network of academics and students who use machine learning principally for university research and funded local government projects. We use machine learning (neural nets, support vector machines, k-clustering, Bayesian analysis, decision trees, random forest, linear and logistic regression, dimensionality reduction, gradient boost, etc) to solve many interesting problems: traffic patterns, population density, weather and climate, LIDAR data, disease epidemiology, etc. We communicate and meet online from time to time.

Natural Language Processing
and Speech Recognition

A very small group of speech synthesis and voice command and natural language processing enthusiasts mostly from academia, some medical doctors and a few other professionals. The group just launched last June 2017 a pioneering initiative called SpeechShare, a 2-hour workshop that helps people activate and work with simple speech commands using the Microsoft Operating System. Some members of the group are active with speech recognition and voice interfaces. Others work with text using different parsing systems. Some work on CEB dictionaries and online translation.


A very small group of geolocation aficionados who have enjoyed support from DOST and DTI. The group meets infrequently. The group has 2 startups. Some academics and a number of professionals compose the group. A prominent geolocation foundation has been leading the group for some time and works with local governments for mapping projects. Many members of the group actively promote the use of geotechnologies for local government planning and corporate property management.

We are a group of linux users who have a vision to promote the use of Linux, GNU and open source software in Cebu.

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